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Children's Eyecare

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It is now recognised that a child who has a vision problem may struggle at school and fall behind with essential skills such as reading. All children should ideally have a sight test before they start school.

As a community practice, it’s important for us to look after the whole family. Getting young people started off right with good eye care practices can help them in the long run. With our eye examinations, range of eyewear and myopia management service, we aim to provide the children in our community with everything they need to keep their eyes healthy and enjoy excellent eyesight.

Children's Eye Tests

For children, eye tests are crucial to protecting their vision and eye health. Many children struggle with undiagnosed eye conditions and this can cause significant difficulties in their education and development.


Most of what we learn is visual and even minor vision loss when left undiagnosed can make life difficult for children and teenagers.


We offer thorough eye tests for all age groups with specialised testing options available to ensure results are accurate. For children under 16, these tests are completely free through the NHS and also provide important health checks that could help prevent eye conditions from becoming more serious. Teenagers aged 16, 17 and 18 in full-time study can also receive an eye test completely free.

optician testing the eyes of a little girl
girl having her eye health checked

Glasses For Children

As well as providing exceptional clinical testing, we also stock a range of quality children’s glasses to give them clear and comfortable vision. With plenty of frames in different styles, children and teens of all ages will have lots of options to choose from. Our dispensing team are always nearby to make sure you get all the advice and assistance you need.

What Is Myopia & Why Is It An Issue?

Myopia, or shortsightedness, is one form of vision loss that begins in childhood and can significantly hamper visual development. People with myopic vision cannot focus on objects in the background; for example, the blackboard at school or the television at home.


Myopia is caused by an elongated eye shape, which stops light from hitting the retina and prevents distant objects from being seen clearly. The condition tends to worsen over time and myopic people are also at greater risk of developing other eye conditions.


Early detection and management of myopia are the best ways to prevent it from becoming a serious problem. Specialist corrective lenses are used that slow down or stop myopia from getting worse over time. We offer both contact and spectacle lenses that are clinically proven to effectively manage myopic vision.

Our blog posts regarding myopia can be found on this page for further reading.

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