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Eye Examination Services

man having eye examination using slit lamp

Regular eye examinations are important to make sure your eyes are healthy and your vision is as clear as possible.

Eye examinations do more than monitor your eyesight; they provide important health checks that can diagnose and help prevent serious conditions. All of our optometrists have years of experience, so you’ll be in great hands during your examination. With the best technology available, we make sure our eye tests are thorough and effective for every patient with screenings for eye conditions, vision tests and an eye health assessment. We take plenty of time with every patient to make sure they get the high standard of care they deserve.


Many of our patients are eligible for free eye examinations through the NHS. This includes children under 16, people over 60 and those with eye conditions like diabetes and glaucoma. If you’re not sure whether you may be eligible for a free eye exam, get in touch today and we can let you know.

Your Eye Health

While your eyes may not be one of your main health considerations, taking care of them can help to prevent you from severe eye conditions and vision loss.


To get the most out of your eyesight, we encourage you to have your eyes tested regularly. This not only allows us to spot vision loss but can lead to the early diagnosis of conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure.


We also like to keep our patients informed about all the ways diet, exercise and personal eye care can help improve their eye health every day.

close up modern ophthalmological laser

What To Expect In Your Eye Examination?

We carry out our eye examinations from our practice, with our friendly and experienced optometrists. The exam should last about 40 minutes and will always include a vision test, an eye health assessment and a discussion of your case history. Your optometrist will explain each test to you and discuss with you any symptoms you are experiencing or concerns you may have.

eye exam machine
optician taking eye measurements for glasses

The Technology To Care

We have invested in cutting-edge testing equipment and technology to allow us to offer enhanced eye examinations for a more in-depth check of eye health.


These exams include the use of OCT or Ocular Coherence Tomography, the most detailed retinal imaging system available.


With these non-invasive scans, your optometrist can look at the interior structure of the eye and check for signs of conditions like glaucoma and macular degeneration.


These exams are available for everyone, but we recommend them especially if you are over the age of 60, are experiencing eye-related symptoms or are at greater risk of macular problems or glaucoma.

Enhanced Services

Glaucoma monitoring in conjunction with the local hospital


As part of our commitment to community care, we are now offering glaucoma monitoring in conjunction with our local hospital. When glaucoma is treated promptly, it can stop your vision from getting worse and this makes early diagnosis vitally important. If you are diagnosed with glaucoma, we will help you manage your treatment and care with the help of the local hospital.


Emergency eyecare (minor eye conditions service)

The Minor Eye Conditions Service (MECS) allows us to take care of patients who made need clinical eye care quickly. Through the convenience of our practice in Liskeard, we can help those who are experiencing minor symptoms related to their eyes with treatment and referrals if necessary. If you are experiencing an eye problem you think may need attention get in touch. We will carry out a detailed triage and, if necessary, schedule an appointment for you.


Dry eye clinic


Dry eye affects many people in the UK and has different levels of severity. For everyone, it is an uncomfortable condition to deal with that can cause difficulties in your everyday life. The inflammation around the eyes has a variety of causes and finding the right one is the first step in treating it effectively. At our dry eye clinic, we will help you find the cause of your symptoms and offer a recommendation on the best way to treat them.


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